Tue, Jul 25th, 2017

June is sidedressing month!

May 21st, 2017

We have knives and coulter blades in stock for immediate shipment.
Check out these special deals while supplies last!

BS-12 is our popular knife for conventional shank toolbars. It is a high carbon forged knife with chrome alloy toe and tube protectors and is available with and without sealer wings.
List price: $34.25 each. For orders of 25, $30.85 each.

BS-12S with sealer. List price: $38.90 each. For orders of 25, $35.00 each.

BS-11 Back swept knife is of the same high quality as the BS-12. Tough chrome insert, has two sets of mounting holes for choice of desired positions.
List price: $37.00 each. For orders of 25, $33.40 each.

For coulter injection, we offer thin knives to follow the coulter blade. Our standard knife is the BJ-CO5 manufactured by Weise. This is a good general purpose knife. List price: $27.50 each.

For a superior knife in all soil conditions, we recommend the K-5SBSST blade from Shields. This knife is hardfaced with a Boron coating and has excellent wear characteristics as well as being very durable in rocky and stony conditions. This knife is worth the cost.
List price: $48.50 each.

For coulter blade replacement, we recommend the 20FL-COMBO fluted coulter blade by Shields. The 8-hole design will fit many different coulters. List price: $57.50 each.

We also have TeeJet nozzle bodies and assemblies for all your fertilizer application needs. Call for details.